2015 CENSUS OF POPULATION RESULTS: Pigkawayan, Cotabato

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Friday, 24 May 2019

Total population of Pigkawayan went up to 66,796 persons

Based on the results of the 2015 POPCEN, the total population of the municipality of Pigkawayan has increased to 66,796. It was higher by 6,821 compared to the 2010 CPH which was 59,975. On the other hand, household population was 66,604 which means that there were about 192 persons in institutions. Fifty five years ago, its population was 22,412. This count was only about 34 percent of the latest population count.

The population growth rate of the municipality in 2010-2015 is higher by 0.44 percent from that of 2000-2010. If the APGR remains constant, the population is expected to double in 34 years.



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