Call for entries to the 9th NSM Media Awards

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2019 – 122

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Thursday, 1 August 2019
In view of the celebration of the 30th National Statistics Month (NSM) in October with the
theme, “Data Innovation: Key to a Better Nation,” the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)
is now calling for entries to the 9th NSM Media Awards (NSMMA). This award aims to
recognize the significant role and contribution of the media in promoting and popularizing
official statistics from the Philippine Statistical System through news and features.
This year’s categories are the following:
     1. Best Statistical Reporting in Print Media
     2. Best Statistical Reporting in Online Media
     3. Best Statistical Reporting in TV Broadcast Media
     4. Best Media Advocate for Statistics
Interested national and local media practitioners affiliated with private news organizations can
join and may submit their entries with accomplished forms downloadable through the PSA
website. Categories 1 and 2 entries must have a minimum of five published
articles/features/news while Category 3 requires three segments or documentary programs
broadcasted in TV from August 2018 to July 2019. Meanwhile, organizations which qualify
under Category 4 must submit at least 10 published online and print articles.
Entries for categories 1, 2, and 3 must be accompanied by evidences illustrating the reach
and impact of submitted articles and/or TV segments/documentary programs such as but not
limited to the following:
     • Report of testimonials of those who benefitted from the publication of articles/TV
     • Number of online shares/views
     • Analytics (number of webpage hits)
All entries must be submitted not later than 30 August 2019 (5:00 pm) to the NSMMA
Secretariat through:
          Mr. Oliver P. Chancoco
          Philippine Statistics Authority
          3/F PSA TAM Building, East Avenue,
          Diliman, Quezon City
          Telephone Number: 462-6600 loc. 809 or 827
          E-mail Address:
The winner for each category will receive a plaque and cash prize which will be awarded 
during the joint opening ceremony of the 30th NSM and the 14th National Convention on
Statistics on 01 October 2019.
For more details, visit the NSM Media Awards web page at
awards/announcements/9th%20NSM%20Media%20Awards. We also invite you to like and
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National Statistician and Civil Registrar General



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