Did you know that SOCCSKSARGEN’s Economy Grew by 5.0 percent in 2016?

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Thursday, 4 May 2017

The total value of goods and services produced in the SOCCSKSARGEN Region in 2016, as measured through the GRDP, was valued at P213.3 billion at constant 2000 prices.

SOCCSKSARGEN’s economy managed to grow by 5.0 percent in 2016, faster than the 3.3 percent growth in 2015. The double-digit acceleration in Industry and the steady performance of Services cushioned the effect of the slump in AHFF.

Services remained to account for the largest share of the regional economy at 40.3 percent in 2016, slightly higher than its 39.4 percent share in 2015. The share of Industry also expanded to 36.9 percent in 2016 compared to the previous year’s 34.1 percent. AHFF contributed 22.9 percent to the region’s total economic output in 2016, lower than its 26.5 percent share in 2015.



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