PSA XII Conducts PhilHealth Orientation for its Employees

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Thursday, 18 July 2019

The Philippine Statistics Authority conducted PhilHealth Orientation on June 24, 2019. The activity aimed to apprise the RSSO XII employees of the various benefits they can avail of from the PhilHealth.

Two PhilHealth personnel were invited to give relevant inputs. Ms. Rachelle Navarra tackled the salient points of the recently passed R.A. 11223, “Universal Health Care Act.” while Mr. Alfredo Orig presented the National Health Insurance Program of the PhilHealth. 

Ms. Navarra pointed out that R.A. 11223 is intended to enhance the provisions under the old PhilHealth Act. One of the important development here was the introduction of system-based claim of benefits where the claimants are no longer required to present their PhilHealth ID or Member Data Record (MDR) for this purpose. Mr. Orig introduced different types of PhilHealth membership such as Formal Economy member, Informal Economy member, Senior Citizen Program member, OFW members and Lifetime members. To qualify for a Lifetime membership, accordingly, the particular member should be more than 60 years old at the time of application, no longer an income earner and has paid 10 years’ worth of PhilHealth contributions.

The PhilHealth personnel also distributed primers on “Quick Guide for Patient Empowerment” and “MagSeguro Mag 4M na”. They also introduced PhilHealth ACR, an online application where the members can check their contributions records. For the availment of PhilHealth ID by the RSSO XII employees, the employer is required to submit request letter to PhilHealth.

Another important PhilHealth update was the acceptance of a group enrolment of self-employed individuals. The Job Order personnel of RSSO XII were encouraged to enroll under the so-called “Organized Group” enrolment to avail of special benefits.





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