Volume and Value of Imports and Exports SOCCSKSARGEN Region: July 2021

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Monday, 16 May 2022

Total external trade up

The external trade in goods in SOCCSKSARGEN Region totaled to US$186.550 million in July 2021, down by 32.7 percent from US$140.535 million in July 2020 (Table 1).

Trade balance decrease

Balance of trade in goods (BoT-G) is the difference between the value of exports and imports. The (BoT-G) on July 2021 amounted to US$62.410 million, about 1,200 times higher than the US$51,517.00 the previous year (Table 1).

Merchandise Trade
SOCCSKSARGEN Region’s export rose up by 77.1 percent to US$124.480 million in July 2021 from US$70.293 million in July 2020. The total volume of exports weighed at 104.053 million kilograms in July 2021 from 48.220 million kilograms in July 2020. Imports expenditures in July 2021 went down by 11.6 percent to US$62.070 million from US$70.242 million in July 2020. The volume of imports weighed 75.825 million kilograms in July 2021 from 185.706 million kilograms in July 2020 (Table 1).



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