Civil Registration Services

Solemnizing Officers Information System (SOIS

Solemnizing Officers Information System (SOIS) is a web-based system that manages the records or information of priests, pastors, imams, rabbis and other persons whose authorities to solemnize marriage are registered with PSA.

The system is used by PSA’s central and field offices to evaluate, validate and approve new applications and renewal for Certificate or Registration of Authority to Solemnize Marriage (CRASM).

As of December 31, 2011, Region XII had issued/renewed/registered a total of 330 solemnizing officers of varied religions and religious sects.

Per Administrative Order No.1, series of 2007, payment costs about PhP500 with processing period of no more than five working days at the level of the Regional Office. Receipts and screening of completeness and authenticity of requirements are done by focal persons at the respective PSA Provincial Offices.



  1. Two copies of Accomplished Application Form (OCRG-SO Form No.1) subscribed and sworn to before a person authorized to administer oath with affixed documentary stamp
  2. Two copies of colored ID pictures (2x2) with white background taken not more than a month ago
  3. Machine copy of appointment as priest, head, founder, bishop, pastor and minister of the religious sect.
  4. Proper endorsement/designation/recommendation from the head of the religion or religious sect to mention; the full name, nationality, complete address, location of the church, temple or mosque where the applicant regularly perform rites and indicate the extent of his territorial jurisdiction
  5. Certified True copy of Certificate of Live Birth
  6. Certified True copy of Certificate of Ordination issued by his/her respective church
  7. Payment of Registration Fee.
  8. Copy of the Certificate of Registration, Articles of Incorporations and Bu-laws, and updated General Information Sheet (G.I.S.) certified by the Head of the religion or religious sect.