Civil Registration Services

Batch Request Entry System (BREQS)

The Batch Request Entry System (BREQS) is an offline processing by batch where applications for documents such as birth, marriage and death certificates and certificate of no marriage (CENOMAR) in Security Paper (SECPA) are received and encoded at partner institutions that serve as BREQS outlets


It is a facility developed and owned by PSA that allows clients to request for and received copies of civil registry documents nearest or convenient to them. Clients need not to endure long travels or queues at online outlets. It benefits PSA operation in terms of crowd management.


Batch requests are transmitted by the partner institutions by electronic mail, and are delivered by courier service or through liaison.


Schedule of Availability of Services:

Monday – Friday


8:00 AM – 5:00 PM 


Payment (per copy effective February 10, 2011)

Copy of Issuance of Certificates on Birth / Death / Marriage   Php 195.00   5 - 7 working days
Certificate of Singleness / Advisory on Marriage / Certificatate of No Marriage (CENOMAR)   Php 250.00   2 weeks