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NA-RSSO12-18-052   PSA XII Disseminates Results of the 2017 National Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS) November 12, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-052   MSU-GSC Senior High School Bags 3rd PSA XII Stat Quiz October 31, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-051   PSA XII Concludes 29th National Statistics Month Regional Observance October 30, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-050   PSA XII Successfully Celebrates the 10 Statlympics October 29, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-049   RSC XII Spearheads 7th Data Dissemination and Research Utilization Forum (DDRUF) October 22, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-045   PSA XII Celebrates its 5th Anniversary September 17, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-044   PSA XII Supports the 118th Philippine Civil Service Anniversary September 10, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-043   PSA XII Staff Trains on Conduct of Farm Prices Survey (FPS) August 30, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-042   PSA XII Reviews and Validates Results of the July 2018 Round of the Agricultural Wage Rate Survey (AWRS) August 20, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-041   PSA XII Conducts Operational Training on Crops Production Survey Augus 20, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-040   Newly Appointed and Promoted Employees of PSA XII Sworn In August 20, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-039   PSA XII Undergoes Continuing QMS-ISO Conformity Assessment August 2, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-038   PSA XII Receives Hall of Fame Award from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) July 25, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-037   PSA XII Reviews 2nd Quarter Estimates on Agriculture and Fisheries July 20, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-036   PSA XII Trains Staff on 2018 Family Income and Expenditure Survey (FIES) July 16, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-035   PSA XII Conducts 2018 Mid-year Assessment July 11, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-034   PSA XII Concludes Second Level Training  on Data Review on Livestock and Poultry June 25, 2108
NA-RSSO12-18-033   PSA XII Conducts 2nd Level Training on Palay and Corn Production Survey (PCPS) June 25, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-032   PSA XII Staff Trains on Quarterly Fisheries Surveys June 25, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-031   PSA XII Orients Staff on Technical Writing June 25, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-030   PSA XII Advocates Adoption of Statistical Survey Review and Clearance System (SSRCS) June 11, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-029   PSA XII Sends Two Participants to the Training on Technical Writing May 28, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-027   PSA XII Reviews and Validates Results of 1st Quarter Regional Agriculture Statistics May 10, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-026   PSA XII Holds 1st Quarter Regional Management Conference May 7, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-024   PSA XII Orients Staff on Risk Reduction Management April 10, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-023   PSA XII Staff Undergoes Pneucoccal Vaccination April 4, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-022   PSA XII Gears for the Conduct of the April 2018 LFS/CES; Trains Staff April 3, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-021   PSA XII Conducts Second Level Training on The 2017 ASPBI/SICT April 3, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-020   PSA XII Bags 3rd Place in Statistical Operations in the 2017 PSA Awards Night April 2, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-019   PSA XII Celebrates International Women’s Day March 26, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-018   PSA XII Reviews Output of January 2018 Agricultural Wage Rate Survey in Region XII March 23, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-017   PSA XII Attends PSRTI's Training Course on Basic Demography March 19, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-016   PSA XII Trains Staff for the 2018 Geo-tagging of Building Structures March 16, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-015   PSA XII Participates in the Middle-Age Summit March 15, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-014   PSA XII Gears for the 2018 CPBI Phase 1 - Comprehensive ULE March 12, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-013   PSA XII Participates in the 2018 PSA Mindanao Group Summit February 23, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-012   PSA XII Participates in 1st National Information Convention February 23, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-011   SOCCSKSARGEN Region Tackles Formulation of Regional Statistical Development Program (RSDP) February 12, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-010   SOCCSKSARGEN Region Kicks-Off Observance of 28th Civil Registration Month February 2, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-009   PSA XII Participates in the Kapihan sa PIA XII January 30, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-008   PSA XII Held Debriefing on Conduct of Field Research on Agricultural Lands and Fish Landing Centers in the SOCCSKSARGEN Region January 30, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-007   RSSO XII Employees Oriented on TRAIN Law January 29, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-006   PSA XII Personnel Train on Audio Visual Production January 25, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-005   PSA Receives ISO 9001:2015 Certification January 17, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-004   PSA XII Conducts a Follow Through to the 2018 Regional Planning Workshop (RPW) January 9, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-003   PSA XII Ends 2017 with a General Assembly and Fellowship January 9, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-002   PSA XII Holds 2018 Regional Planning Workshop January 9, 2018
NA-RSSO12-18-001   PSA XII Conducts Two-Day Pre-Regional Planning Workshop for 2018 January 9, 2018