NA-RSSO12-19-043  Philippine Statistics Authority XII—SOCCSKSARGEN Conducts Mini Conference November 06, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-042  PSA RSSO XII Concludes 30th National Statistics Month Observance in SOCCSKSARGEN Region November 05, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-041  PSA XII and NEDA XII collaborate for the 8th Data Dissemination and Research Utilization Forum October 24, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-040  PSA XII Advocates Adoption of Statistical Survey Review and Clearance System (SSRCS) and Standard Classification Systems October 24, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-039  30th National Statistics Month in SOCCSKSARGEN Region Kicks-Off October 24, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-038  PSA XII  Hosts First Regional Solemnizing Officers’ Training October 14, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-037 September 27, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-036  2020 CPH Tackled in RSC XII 3rd Quarter Meeting September 17, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-035  PSA XII Celebrates 6th Anniversary September 17, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-034  PSA Hosts 3rd BIMP-EAGA Meeting: NS Mapa Takes over SDWG Chairmanship September 13, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-033  PSA XII Conducts Bilateral Meeting with BFAR XII on Selected Agri-Fishery Surveys cum Site Visit September 5, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-032  PSA XII Conducts Briefing on ANACONDA to RHU Doctors and Medical Staff/Officer August 19, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-031  PSA RSSO XII Conducted Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and Individual Interviews of Aquaculture Hatchery Operators in the Region XII cum Site Visit July 19, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-030  PSA XII Initiates Red Cross Orientation for its Employees July 9, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-029  PSA XII Conducts PhilHealth Orientation for its Employees July 9, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-028  PSA XII Conducts Pag-IBIG Orientation for its Employees July 9, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-027  PSA XII Conducts Data Dissemination cum Celebration of 2019 Eid'l Fit'r June 24, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-026  PSA XII Prepares for July Round of CES, LFS and 2019 APIS July 7, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-025   PSA XII Oriented on Republic Act No. 7581 June 24, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-024  RSC XII Discusses Resolution Enjoining Establishment of Statistical Units and Positions in Government Offices and LGUs June 17, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-023  PSA XII Staff Briefed on Conduct of Wholesale Price Surveys (WPS) May 17, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-022  PSA XII  Trains on Conduct of Crops Production Survey (CrPS) May 17, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-021  PSA RSSO XII  Visits Selected Key Establishments and Areas of Economic Development in Region XII May 14, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-020  SOCCSKSARGEN Economy accelerates by 6.9percent; PSA XII Holds Press Conference on 2018 Regional Economic Performance April 25, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-019  PSA XII Coaches Staff on Basic Life Support April 22, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-018  PSA XII Staff Encourage to Practice Culture Sensitivity April 22, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-017  PSA XII Educates Staff on Financial Literacy April 15, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-016  PSA XII Conducts Training on April 2019 Round of LFS/CES April 15, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-015  PSA XII Regional Director Maqtahar L. Manulon Appointed As CESO V April 5, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-014  LCRO-Tupi Tops 2019 CRVS Quiz in SOCCSKSARGEN Region March 27, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-013  PSA XII Trains Staff on 2018 CPBI and 2018 IOSPBI March 27, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-012  PSA XII Conducts Second Level Operational Training on Cereals Surveys March 27, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-011  PSA XII Reviews Output of January 2019 Agricultural Wage Rate Survey in Region XII March 27, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-010  PSA XII Staff Trains on Quarterly Fisheries Surveys March 19, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-009  RSC XII Concludes its 1st Quarter Meeting March 19, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-008  PSA XII Conducts Regional Briefing on 2019 Geo-tagging of Building Structures March 19, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-007  LCRO Tampakan Bags 2018 Most Outstanding Local Civil Registry Office in the Region March 19, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-006  PSA XII Kicks Off Women’s Month Celebration March 19, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-005  PSA XII Holds 1st Quarter Regional Management Conference February 20, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-004  Motorcade in Koronadal City Drumbeats Start of 29th Civil Registration Month in SOCCSKSARGEN Region February 7, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-003  PSA XII Hosts Consultative Forum on BIMP-EAGA January 31, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-002  PSA XII Conducts a Sequel to the 2019 Regional Planning Workshop January 22, 2019
NA-RSSO12-19-001  PSA XII Concludes its 2019 Regional Planning Workshop January 18, 2019