Title Office Reference Number Attachments Release Date
PSA-RSSO XII Newsletter: 1st Quarter 2020 Region XII R12-NL2020-001 PDF icon 1stQ_2020_Final.pdf June 1, 2020
PSA-RSSO XII Newsletter: 4th Quarter 2019 Region XII R12-NL2019-004 PDF icon R12-NL2019-004 (4th Quarter 2019 Statdoscoop).pdf January 24, 2020
PSA-RSSO XII Newsletter: 3rd Quarter 2019 Region XII R12-NL2019-003 PDF icon 3rd Quarter StatDoScoop_Final.pdf December 20, 2019
PSA-RSSO XII Newsletter: 2nd Quarter 2019 Region XII R12-NL2019-002 PDF icon 2nd Quarter Statdoscoop_FINAL.pdf September 21, 2019
SK Quarterly Newsletter for 1st Quarter 2019 Sultan Kudarat 65R12-NL2019-001 PDF icon SKQuarterlyNewsletter_1stQuarter2019.pdf June 29, 2019
PSA-RSSO XII Newsletter: First Quarter 2019 Region XII R12-NL2019-001 PDF icon PSA XII 1st Quarter Newletter.pdf June 24, 2019
4th Quarter Newsletter of the PSA-Sultan Kudarat Sultan Kudarat 65R12-NL2018-04 PDF icon 1 SKNewsletter 4thQuarter 2018.pdf January 7, 2019
PSA Sultan Kudarat 2018 1st Quarter Newsletter Sultan Kudarat 65R12-NL2018-01 PDF icon SKNewsletter_1stQuarter2018.pdf July 9, 2018
PSA Sultan Kudarat 4th Quarter News Letter Sultan Kudarat 65R12-NL2017-04 PDF icon SKNewsletter4th2017.pdf April 2, 2018