Title Office Reference Number Attachments Release Date
PSA RSSO XII Conducts First Virtual Oath-taking Ceremony Region XII NA-RSSO12-20-016 Image icon Oath Taking.jpg July 7, 2020
PSA XII Conducts 2nd Level Virtual Training on July 2020 Round of CES Region XII NA-RSSO12-20-015 PDF icon 2020-015_CES.pdf July 3, 2020
PSA XII Conducts 2nd Level Virtual Training on July 2020 Round of LFS/APIS Region XII NA-RSSO12-20-014 PDF icon 2019-014_LFS.pdf July 2, 2020
PSA XII Participates In The 2nd Quarter RGADC XII Meeting Region XII NA-RSSO12-20-013 PDF icon 2020-013_2ndRGADC.pdf July 2, 2020
PSA RSSO XII Concludes Examination for PhilSys Hopefuls Region XII NA-RSSO12-20-012 Image icon PhilSys.jpg June 5, 2020
PSA XII Reviews First Quarter Estimates on Agricultural and Fisheries Region XII NA-RSSO12-20-011 Image icon 1qRDR.jpg June 5, 2020
PSA XII Kicks Off Women’s Month Celebration Region XII NA-RSSO12-20-010 PDF icon 2020-010_Women's Month.pdf March 11, 2020
PSA XII Conducts Training/Workshop on DeCAP Region XII NA-RSSO12-20-009 PDF icon 2020-009_DECAP.pdf March 6, 2020
PSA XII Conducts 2nd level workshop on preparation of reports using ANACONDA Template OF DEATH DATA USING ANACONDA Region XII NA-RSSO12-20-007 PDF icon 2020-007_ANACONDA.pdf March 5, 2020
LCRO Esperanza Bags the 2019 Most Outstanding Local Civil Registry Office in the Region Region XII NA-RSSO12-20-008 PDF icon 2020-008_30th CRM Closing.pdf March 5, 2020
Civil Registration Month kicks off with a motorcade in Koronadal City Region XII NA-RSSO12-20-006 PDF icon 2020-006_30th CRM Opening Ceremony.pdf February 11, 2020
PSA XII Disseminates the Full Year 2018 Official Poverty Statistics Region XII NA-RSSO12-20-005 PDF icon 2020-005_2018 PovStat.pdf February 9, 2020
PSA XII conducts Sequel to the 2020 RPW Region XII NA-RSSO12-20-003 PDF icon 2020-003_Sequel to 2020 RPW.pdf January 24, 2020
PSA XII conducts 2nd Level Training on 2020 CPH Block Maps Preparation and Printing Region XII NA-RSSO12-20-004 PDF icon 2020-004_CPH 2nd Level Training.pdf January 24, 2020
PSA XII conducts Regional Briefing on the January 2020 Labor Force Survey (LFS) Region XII NA-RSSO12-20-002 Image icon NA-RSSO12-20-002.jpg January 15, 2020