Title Office Attachments Release Date
SOCCSKSARGEN's Population Hits 4.901 million in 2020 Region XII Image icon NA-RSSO12-21-027_SOCCSKSARGEN's Population Hits 4.901 million in 2020.jpg July 29, 2021
PSA XII Hosts Joint Regional Training on the July 2021 LFS/2021 FIES Visit 1 Region XII Image icon NA-RSSO12-21-024_July 2021 LFS 2021 FIES Visit 1.jpg July 6, 2021
PSA XII GFPS Members Participate in an In-Depth Orientation on GMEF Region XII Image icon NA-RSSO12-21-025_GMEF Orientation.jpg July 6, 2021
PSA XII Participates in the GAD Webinar Gender Analysis: Tools and Praxis Region XII Image icon NA-RSSO12-21-026_GAD Webinar Gender Analysis.jpg July 6, 2021
PSA XII Conducts its Social Responsibility at the Orphanage Center Region XII Image icon NA-RSSO12-21-023_PSA XII Conducts Social Responsibility at the Orphanage Center.jpg June 16, 2021
PSA XII Conducts Information Dissemination and Symposium in Celebration of the Eidil Fit'r Region XII Image icon NA-RSSO12-21-022_PSA XII Conducts Information Dissemination and Eidl Fitr Symposium.jpg June 16, 2021
PSA XII's Website Administrators Briefed on Maintenance of Regional Website Region XII Image icon NA-RSSO12-21-020_Briefing on Maintenance of Regional Website.jpg June 3, 2021
KMCD Orients PSA XII's SMAT on Social Media Accounts Branding Region XII Image icon NA-RSSO12-21-018_SMAT Training.jpg June 2, 2021
PSA RSSO XII Conducts 3rd Level Training on Guidelines on Implementation of Administrative Adoption under RA 11222 for Cluster 1 City/Municipal Civil Registrars (C/MCRs) Region XII Image icon NA-RSSO12-21-019_RA 11222 3rd Level Training Cluster I.jpg June 2, 2021
RSC XII Tackles CMBS Roll-out in 2022 in 2nd Quarter Meeting Region XII Image icon NA-RSSO12-21-016_RSC XII 2nd Quarter Meeting.jpg June 2, 2021
LGUs in SOX Briefed on PSA-Led CMBS Region XII Image icon NA-RSSO12-21-017_PSA-Led CBMS Briefing.jpg June 2, 2021
PSA XII Consults Data Sources of BIMP-EAGA Statistical Core Indicator System Region XII Image icon Consultation Meeting BIMP-EAGA.jpg May 11, 2021
SOCCSKSARGEN’s Economy Contracts by 4.3 percent in 2020 Region XII Image icon NA-RSSO12-21-2021 GRDPE PressCon.jpg May 5, 2021
PSA XII Conduct 2021 1st Quarter Regional Management Conference (RMC) Region XII Image icon NA-RSSO12-21-013_2021 1stQ RMC.jpg April 22, 2021
PSA XII Conducts Webinar on Preparation of GAD Plans and Budget and Accomplishment Report Region XII Image icon NA_21-12.jpg March 24, 2021