Civil Registration Services

CRS-ITP (Serbilis Center GenSan)

With the increasing demand for the issuance, authentication and certification of civil registry documents in 2000 with daily average of 10,000 to 12,000 requests, coupled with the rapid increase in the volume of civil registry documents and of statistical reports expected of by various government and private institutions, the PSA entered into a build-operate-transfer scheme with a private sector partner (Unisys Public Sector Services Corporation) basically to provide improved civil registration services in the country.

Called the Civil Registry System Information Technology Project (CRS-ITP), it involves the computerization of the civil registry operations of the PSA and is designed to collect, store and manage civil registry documents and specimen signatures of all city and municipal registrars, including all authorized signatories, using imaging technology. This project envisions enhanced public service delivery through expeditious processing of requests, shorter lines at the application and payment counters, and improved facilities --- all for the convenience of the public. The objective of the PSA-CRS project is “while you wait” processing after full system implementation. Broadly, the project includes the development of application systems, provision of hardware and software, setting up of a Central Facility and 42 on-line service outlets nationwide (called the “Serbilis Centers”) and the conversion of documents into digital formats.

In the April 2007 status report of the project, 83.2 million birth records (1945-2006); 18.9 million marriage records (1945-2006); and 15.6 million death records (1988-2006) for a total of 117.8 million records have been scanned, indexed and loaded in the CRS database. This activity is a continuing one. In December 2011, around 140 million civil registry are now in the database. With trained PSA supervisors plus 760 service contractors deployed all over the outlets, it has already processed 74.8 million request and remitted 3.66 billion pesos to the Bureau of Treasury as government share.

Systems-generated statistics are an indispensable tool for planning, monitoring, and trouble-shooting. Based on operations statistics for April 2007, the PSA processed a daily average of 34,000 requests nationwide using the CRS system. About 95 percent of the requests are serviced through the database.

PSA Region XII’s Serbilis Center is lodged at its Provincial Office in PSA SOCSARGEN. It is particularly located at Partridge Building, J. Catolico Sr. Avenue, Barangay Lagao, General Santos City. As of June 2013, the outlet processed about 953 transactions a day.

Schedule of Availability of Services:

Monday – Friday

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Services Offered to:

  • General Public
  • Local Clients (LGU/Travel Agency/Academe/NGO)

Payment (per copy issuance inclusive of PhP 15 documentary stamp tax)

  • Birth - Php 155
  • Marriage – Php 155
  • Death – Php 155
  • CENOMAR/CEMAR – Php 210

Guidelines for Filing of Civil Registry Documents

  1. Secure application form/s from the guard on duty or Information Officer of the Day.
  2. Fill-out the application form/s properly; check appropriate boxes (one character/letter entry in each box).
  3. Upon completion, queue at Window 1 and submit the filled-out application form/s for verification/validation by the Screener. (This is to make certain that the entries in the application form are accurate and complete and if the requester has the proper authorization).
  4. As soon as your number is called at Window 2, hand in your application form to the Collecting Officer for payment.
  5. Wait patiently at designated seats while waiting for your number to be called as the Records Service Officers process your application/s.
  6. In a while, if your document is converted (already in digitized image), claim result/s from the Releasing Officer/s at Window 3. Otherwise, you will be advised on what to do next.
  7. For queries or problems with regards to results, address your concerns to the Care Officers or Secretary.