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Philippine Statistics Authority-SARANGANI conducted the quarterly Client Satisfaction Measurement (CSM) for the second quarter (2Q) in the Civil Registry System Outlet located in General Santos City to determine clients’ perceptions regarding their satisfaction with the civil registration services that the office provides like the issuance of copies of civil registry documents and certifications. Results on the satisfaction rating is one of the key performance indicators being reported for the Agency Performance Measures and in compliance with the Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA).

    The survey used the standard harmonized CSM questionnaire. It was accomplished thru Computer-Aided Personal Interview (CAPI) and was administered to 150 respondents with a sampling interval of 9, for five days, covering 30 respondents per day from June 3 to 7. The sample respondents/clients for this survey are those who have completed transactions in the CRS outlet.

Services Provided by Philippine Statistics Authority

    For this survey round, the most availed service provided by the PSA was the copy issuance of birth certificate having 78.0 percent of the respondents followed by the copy issuance of marriage certificate with 11.3 percent, certification of CENOMAR/CEMAR with 8.0 percent and copy issuance of death certificate with 2.0 percent. The least availed service was the authentication of death certificate with 0.7 percent.



Clients’ Profile

    Of the 150 respondents that were interviewed, 57.3 percent of the total population were females and 42.7 percent were males. Most of the clients who availed services of the PSA belonged to the age group of 35-39 with 32.6 percent.

    Since the CRS outlet is situated in General Santos City, expectedly majority of the requesters came from South Cotabato with 47.3 percent, wherein 69 percent of it were from General Santos City, followed by Sarangani Province with 42.7 percent. The remaining 10.0 percent of the clients were residents outside South Cotabato and Sarangani.

     In terms of employment, 52.0 percent of the respondents were unemployed and 48.0 percent of them were employed.

    For the educational attainment of the respondents, most of them were high school graduates with 50.6 percent, 24.7 percent were elementary graduates and 24.0 percent were college graduates or higher.  


Respondents Awareness of Citizen’s Charter

    Majority of the respondents were aware about the existence of the Citizen’s Charter (CC) and saw it in the conspicuous places in the outlet with 72.0 percent but 25.3 percent of them were not aware of the CC and haven’t seen one in the outlet. A percentage rating of 2.7 were aware about the CC but did not see the outlet’s CC.

    In terms of the visibility of the CC, majority of the respondents agreed that the CC was easy to see with 63.4 percent, somewhat easy to see with 34.8 percent and difficult to see showed a low a percentage rating of 1.8.

    For the usefulness of the CC, most of the respondents assessed that it helped them significantly with 56.3 percent. Some believed that it helped them to some extent with 43.7 percent and no one assessed that it didn’t help at all.


Overall Satisfaction Rating by Service Quality Dimensions

    In general, the overall satisfaction rating based on the Service Quality Dimensions (SQD) for this quarter showed a 4.3 rating or ‘Satisfied’. As indicated in Figure 1, all SQDs in this survey round obtained a ‘Satisfied’ rating. Responsiveness scored a rating of 4.1, wherein majority believed that the staff have the willingness to help, assist and provide prompt service to the clients. Access and facilities, reliability, communication, cost and the assurance, all of which achieved a 4.2 satisfaction rating. Most of the respondents also believed that they were served with integrity and good outcome of which both obtained a rating of 4.4.


Overall Satisfaction Rating by Services

    Looking at the scores per service, respondents were all ‘Very Satisfied’ in every category. Services for Marriage viewable online obtained a perfect rating of 5.00 followed by the copy issuance of marriage and CENOMAR/CEMAR certification having a rating of 4.9, copy issuance of birth certificate with 4.8 and lastly copy issuance of death with 4.7. 


Satisfaction Rating by Service Category

    Almost all of the respondents were immensely satisfied with the area and facilities of the outlet. A rating of 4.4 or ‘Satisfied’ was rated for the cleanliness of the surroundings and comfort rooms. Breastfeeding Station and Comfortability achieved a 4.3 satisfaction rating and 4.2 satisfaction rating for having enough chairs in this survey round. ‘Very Satisfied’ clients also believed that the area was safe with 4.9 rating.  





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