Statistical Services

Regional Social and Economic Trends SOCCSKSARGEN Region

The Regional Social and Economic Trends (RSET) in the SOCCSKSARGEN Region Presents time-series statistical information on the various sectors of the region its component provinces, cities and municipalities Statistics are disaggregated in different dimensions useful in making decisions and setting policies as well as in the formulation and implementation of programs and projects towards effective governance  and public service delivery at the local level. The information is intended to meet the needs of a wide range of data users such as: government agencies, non-government organizations, business firms, enterpreneurs, students, international institutions, and the general public. The RSET includes a glosarry of terms that provides the definition of selected statistical terminologies not widely understood by the general public.

The 2016 edtion of RSET contains time-series and cross-sectional data on 17 sectors/subject areas of general interest, such as:


  • Population and Housing

  • Income and Prices

  • Economic Accounts

  • Environment and Natural Resources

  • Agriculture and Agrarian Reform

  • Establishment Characteristics: Industrial Sector

  • Trade

  • Tourism

  • Vital, Health and Nutrition Statistics

  • Education

  • Labor and Employment

  • Social Services

  • Transportation and Communication

  • Energy and Water Resources

  • Public Order, Safety and Justice

  • Money and Banking

  • Public Administration